National Finance Strives For a Better Tomorrow With Less Plastic Initiative

Less Plastic InitiativeAs a company strongly committed to its social responsibilities, National Finance reaffirmed its dedication to reducing plastic waste by successfully carrying out the ‘Use Less Plastic’ campaign that was launched in August. The initiative was organised in response to ‘Plastic Free July’, which is a global movement that empowers individuals to be part of the solution to plastic pollution.

Going beyond spreading awareness about the repercussions of using plastic, the company focused on encouraging its employees to discard the plastic items used during their day-to-day work in a designated area for the purpose of recycling.

The company collaborated with well-renowned artists; Abdulkareem Al-Rawahi who is a sculptor skilled in recycling plastic materials and transforming them into stunning works of art and Yousuf Al-Rawahi, who specialises in sculptures, a member of the Fine Arts Society and Youth Studio since 1999.

The artists were able to create the sculpture entitled “Tree of Life” at Oman Avenues Mall during the weekend. The tree symbolises the renewal and continuity of life towards a better future. Whereas the branches of the tree reflect the reach of the National Finance company across the Sultanate. Lastly, the marble base represents the stability and credibility of the finance company in the non-banking financial sector.

“The “Use Less Plastic” campaign has been successful in making our employees more aware of the importance of using less plastic in their day-to-day life. We have witnessed during this period that changing habits, ways of thinking, and attitudes can be achieved through ongoing awareness campaigns. This is just a start, we will continue to explore different initiatives in order to help impact our environment” said Lina Al Abdulsalaam, Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing at National Finance.

National Finance’s ‘Use Less Plastic’ initiative has been able to raise awareness among its employees whilst influencing them to work on finding alternative solutions that would reduce the risk of single plastic use. National Finance always strives to cooperate with various parties seeking to raise society’s awareness of aspects that achieve sustainable development.