At National Finance, we recognize that we have responsibilities not only towards our customers, employees, and shareholders, but also to the communities in which we serve.

‘Imtidad’: an extension of impacting lives beyond business

National Finance’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives and sustainability programs, integrated in our business strategy and goals, are consolidated and implemented under ‘Imtidad’. An expression of the company’s commitment to community engagement, economic support and environmental protection, Imtidad is an Arabic term, which means ‘an extension of impacting lives beyond business’.

We are proud to strategically partner with the leading organizations in the Sultanate who have been creating significant social and environmental impact throughout the years. Our endeavor is to make a positive impact on the society with our initiatives oriented towards education, community, health and environment. We believe that we have a responsibility to influence positive change towards the economy and society at large.

Pillar of IMTIDAD
  • Education
    Our various projects undertaken under the education framework.
  • Community
    Our engagement in societal development to improve communities.
  • Health
    Our involvement in the crucial area of health to aid the society.
  • Environment
    Our activities to provide sustainable environmental solutions.


    Sustainability Report 2021