We live in a world that is undergoing rapid changes. Since our humble beginnings in 1987, the market has undergone numerous transformations, including the evolving needs of our esteemed customers. Yet, our unwavering dedication to building bridges of trust with them has remained a constant. This is driven by our commitment to meeting their financial needs and requirements through a strong strategic approach marked by excellent performance and professionalism. Over the decades, our company has gathered the trust of thousands of satisfied customers by prioritising their needs, taking into account their lifestyles and the pace of growth of companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, through our financial solutions.

We are dedicated to promptly responding to the changing needs of the customers, keeping in mind the remarkable local economic growth. Thus, we have expanded our branch network, which now encompasses 23 branches strategically located across the Sultanate of Oman. To align with the digital transformation and the growing number of digital platform users seeking information and transactions, we offer robust digital platforms, including interactive mobile application and a dynamic website. This reflects our commitment to being accessible to our customers no matter where they are.

At National Finance, we take pride in our human capital, from which we derive our competitive strength. We value our well-trained team of experienced professionals who serve our customers and provide them with financing solutions. Our objective is to provide trusted and preferred services to individuals, companies, small and medium-sized enterprises. We firmly believe that our employees are the company's strength. Consequently, we continually work on improving the efficiency of our human capital by investing in continuous training initiatives that focus on customer service, risk assessment, teamwork and leadership skills.

Our responsibilities extend beyond providing financing solutions as a responsible financing and leasing company. We take an active part in initiatives aimed at establishing robust and stable economic and social pathways that promote a better quality of life for both individuals and companies.

Tariq Al-Farsi
Chief Executive Officer