National Finance is committed to safeguard the interests of its customers, employees and stakeholders in the event of a disaster or significant disruption that may affect its operations. The company has developed a Business Continuity Plan to facilitate the continuity of critical business processes in the event of any disaster.

Various steps have been taken for the Business Continuity implementation. The BCP addresses the risks inherent with unexpected business interruptions. The BCP has been designed to make sure that its systems and procedures are capable to meet disaster situations. Technical, functional and other safety drills are conducted periodically to ensure that our preparedness aims at resuming the critical operations within the shortest possible time and with minimal disruptions, under defined scenarios.

As part of Business Continuity Testing, Company-wide Disaster Recovery Drill is undertaken annually to ensure that customer data, core processing and other sub-systems are tested. The Company has a Disaster Recovery Site, where data is mirrored and server backups are stored off-site and transaction logs are copied regularly.

The Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan is updated regularly and contact details of Key personnel dealing with implementation of Business Continuity are as under:

Contact Us

Our call center is accessible during the office hours (07:30AM to 04:00PM) from Sunday to Thursday. However, after a significant business disruption, if customers are unable to reach us, they can use the following numbers:

Call Center
Corporate Customer
BCM Coordinator
+968 24470000
+968 24470035
+968 24470061