National Finance Enables Digital Payments for Customers through Tasdeed

Digital Payments for Customers through TasdeedOman’s largest finance company, National Finance, has collaborated with “Tasdeed for Electronic Services LLC” to digitalise its payments and enhance the entire customer experience with seamless transaction flow. Expanding its technological capabilities to reach customers all across the Sultanate, the signing of the agreement is also a testament of National Finance’s commitment to its digitalisation goals. The new initiative will make it even easier for customers to carry out their transactions through a reliable, secure, and convenient channel.

“We are delighted to bring on board one of the top payment platforms, Tasdeed. In our experience, integrating digital payment options for customers increases the overall consistency and efficiency of the collection process and drives customer self-service,” said Tariq Al Farsi – Chief Executive Officer. “An ongoing relationship also means regular collaboration to address mutual business and market requirements. This will not only help us keep pace with continuous developments in the industry but will also go a long way in promoting digital payments across different sectors. Through our ongoing initiatives, National Finance has proven that it is strongly aligned with Oman Vision 2040 and the national digital transformation agenda.”

On his part, Abdullatif Al Shaqsi, Chief Executive Officer of Tasdeed for Electronic Services, expressed his pleasure on the collaboration with National Finance, stating it to be a pioneer financing company in the Sultanate. He also said that Tasdeed is a simple, effective and user-friendly electronic platform for determining due payments and settling them instantly.

Individuals can use Tasdeed to pay at ease from the comfort of their homes or offices through several electronic payment channels, including those offered by banks, mobile wallets, mobile payment applications, payment service providers, their online portal, and ONEIC branches located throughout the Sultanate of Oman, where one can pay via bank accounts, debit cards or credit cards. Mirroring National Finance’s values of providing transparency and security to customers, the system provided by Tasdeed also ensures optimum built-in security and stringent authentication features.

With the country placing increased emphasis on fostering a cashless economy, National Finance has been at the forefront of integrating the latest technological advancements into all its operations. This has been instrumental in creating a sustainable ecosystem that is robust, dynamic and capable of handling market complexities. At the same time, it has remained unwavering in its commitment to its clients, ensuring that customer convenience takes priority.

Established in 1987, National Finance has built a strong reputation as a pioneer in the segment and has earned the trust of thousands of customers across the Sultanate. Through its well-knit network of branches and cutting-edge digital solutions, it offers a wide range of tailor-made products that address the varying needs of the evolving market.